“Are we raising victims?”

As parents are we preparing our children for the real world, or are we helping them create a become victims?

Pretty recently I saw some trust fund kids on national news arguing why they think college should be free, and in the same program a handful of uneducated children demanding that they get paid the same wage as an EMT just to flip burgers and drop french fries into a vat of hot grease.

I had to wonder where these children grow up with these ideas that they should be coddled and taken care of indefinitely. The simplest answer is to find the root cause. As parents we love protecting our children, that’s a given. Of course it is the right thing to do, but how much is too much?

Many kids today have no respect for authority, and no respect for themselves or others. Few and far between do I see parents that actually value giving their child boundaries and discipline instead of creating a bubble where their child is a special snowflake. I have seen more often than not, that special snowflake type of parenting create entitled little shits that treat other children and adults like crap.

Instead of pretending like a harsh reality doesn’t exist, it seems like it would be more productive to be open about the reality of the world. There are parents who create their whole existence around coddling their children, from the groups their children are allowed to play with, to the uppity private schools, to expensive colleges and beyond, unfortunately this does not prepare them for the realities of the real world. By never telling our children no, never letting them lose in a sports game, and never sharing with them the fact that life sometimes just isn’t fair, we aren’t protecting them at all.

This type of attitude where no child can ever do wrong is setting up our children to become victims. As adults they will cry “woe is me” at every turn of injustice instead of being equipped to fight that injustice or realize the world isn’t always fair. Children that have learned right from wrong, and have learned the fairness of discipline will more likely realize that crying the victim role doesn’t help at all and it is more important to take action.


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