“An Open Letter to my Daughter’s Teacher”

Every time I read the news it seems like I am learning about a teacher who has abused their power in one way or another. If this is not the case, many people are just pleased that their child’s teacher is tolerable and doesn’t pick on their child too much. It seems like it is few and far between when you find a teacher who has a real passion for education, for igniting a fire in young minds, and nurturing not only their minds academically, but creatively as well.

Furthermore it’s rare to find a teacher that celebrates the independence and diversity of her students while guiding them and allowing them to grow and thrive within the classroom. In this case I feel extremely lucky and honored that my daughter is in the hands of such a great educator. We have tried as hard as we can to make sure she really gets the most out of her education, and fortunately our hard work has paid off.

In the world of constant crisis that the news seems to delight in, I would like to take a moment to celebrate some greatness. Teachers have an extremely hard job to do and I feel like there isn’t enough that can be done to show my appreciation for the great ones. I’d like to take a minute to leave this open letter as a testament that a teacher’s hard work does not go unnoticed. Thank you to all the great teachers out there.

To my daughter’s teacher;

Thank you so much for being the inspired teacher you are. If only there were more teachers like you, our children would all grow up to be independent, creative and passionate kids, reaching their full potential. When it comes to dropping off your child at school, some people take the decision more lightly than others, and some hope every step of the way that their expectations are met and the little life lessons are handled in the way only a loving parent would. You have exceeded our expectations on every occasion. It’s no secret that our intention with our daughter’s education is to make sure that she is able to grow in numerous ways.

Not only do you inspire her academically, but you take the time to speak to her on a level she understands. You’ve helped her thrive socially and creatively and I appreciate that greatly. Children aren’t square pegs to be placed in round holes, and you reiterate that in your actions, tossing out both the pegs and the holes, allowing them to land where they may. If you know it or not, you are empowering the children you care for to be themselves and not conform to outdated standards that once were societal norms. You uplift them, allow them to be themselves and you truly inspire them.

It is impressive, the way you are able to move seamlessly through the world of these young minds and lead them by example of what an educated and independent person can achieve. You nurture them in this pivotal time of child development and teach them to reach for the stars, not just to sit down and do as they are told. You engage them in a way that lets them feel like every success is a victory and every failure is a chance to improve. It means a great deal to me that there are teachers like you, and I’m honored my daughter gets the opportunity to sit in your class and grow. I’m not sure “thank you” is enough, but thank you for allowing the children of your class to blossom, to become inspired and to allow them to be themselves as you educate them and ignite their passion for learning.


Modern Day Dad



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