“A Post-Workout Powerhouse”

This post is sponsored by fairlife ultra-filtered milk.

One thing that the many freedoms of the winter break is it allowed me to do was get back on my regular workout routine. Whereas the lull of the school year took it’s toll on me last year, now that we are back into gear with school again, I have a pretty good foundation to keep me active.  Because of this, I have been staying on a strict schedule and motivated with a newfound dedication to keeping fit.

The best part of this however, is the fact that the wintertime blues was a catalyst to get my entire family involved in working out. Now a time we look forward to, we all can be found sweating in the garage a couple nights a week.  Mom and dad exercising in the garage is an example for our kids, as well, who don’t want to miss out on the action. The fun of some exercise has even held our daughter off the computer and away from video games for long enough to run a mile with us.

One of my favorite parts about our working out as a family isn’t the actual work out at all, it is the post workout snack.  As we all trudge back into the house after a job well done, we head to the refrigerator like wild animals.


Just as we work hard to stay healthy, our post workout fuel has to be top tier as well. I didn’t say it couldn’t be delicious family favorites and comfort foods though, I just said it was good for us.  A family favorite for all of us has always been a glass of milk and some cookies.  Now before you wonder how that could be a healthy reward for a family that just finished a workout, let me explain.  

fairlife ultra-filtered milk is the ultimate in post workout, milk, only better. Just like we are a real family, we need real milk, real fuel.  I need protein, and I need to replenish my carbs after a heavy workout session. In this case their life is right there to answer my needs where other milk falls flat. With 13 grams of protein compared to the 8 grams found in ordinary milk, ,fairlife ultra-filtered milk can even boast that they have less than half the sugar out of most milks.

When it comes to health and fitness, our family takes it pretty seriously but it doesn’t have to be devoid of enjoyment.  Health and exercise needs to be something you look forward to, not a punishment you dread.   If knowing that you are going to get a healthy and delicious post workout snack and some extra family time is the motivation to keep you on track with health and fitness, then you just can’t go wrong.  Fortunately fairlife ultra-filtered milk makes this post workout indulgence not only taste good, but feel good as well knowing that I am choosing the best quality milk on the market.

The kids don’t have to know that the milk is even healthier for them and the cookies were organic, but I know and appreciate having a post workout fuel that has got my back.

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