“A Mother’s Day Moem”

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With Mother's Day coming up what better way to honor your mother than by making a difference in the lives of others?  What if I told you that all you had to do to make a difference was to write your mom a #moem?  What is a #Moem you ask? A “#Moem” is a tribute poem written and posted on social channels, preferably rhyming, in 135 characters or less.  It's really simple.  All you have to do is log onto and get started. 



I know, how does writing a #moem help anyone?  Well I thought you would never ask. Every #moem written to honor your Mother for Mother’s Day will also help raise money for Mothers in need through a charity called Dress for Success Worldwide They’re an organization that helps low-income women achieve economic independence for themselves and their families through supporting their search for professional employment. For every #moem posted, MetLife will donate $10 toward Dress for Success’ goal of $50,000. (Note: While you can make Moems after Mother's Day the donation ends at Midnight on Mother's day)  This is a great idea, a wonderful charity and it couldn't be any easier to "give".  Just write a #moem!

So seriously, start giving the love! Let everyone you know, know about it. Your mom and other mom's deserve it.  All you have to do is write and post a #moem! Not only are you paying tribute to your own moms, but you are also helping to make a difference in other moms' lives as well.  I created my own #moem and it is short and sweet, just for my Mother.  I love you Mom!

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