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“15 Sunday Dinner Ideas Using Ground Beef”

The other day at our local store, they had a huge sale on meat. Almost 2 dollars off my favorite grassed, organic ground beef. This made it considerably cheaper than the regular beef packed with the hormones and yuck stuff. Needless to say I stocked up. I started to think I might have gone a little overboard when I was watching the cashier fill bag after bag with the same packages of meat. How am I ever going to eat all this beef? As a former vegetarian, I tread lightly when it comes to my meat intake, but the only thing I ever really missed during that stint was a good old fashioned hamburger. Now that grasped, and organic beef is more readily available, I delight in the occasional burger, as does the rest of my family.

Many Sunday evenings, I am in charge of our weekly family get-together dinners. What to make, what to make? While I was looking into the freezer, those bags of ground beef were just staring back at me. We have already had burgers, then we had more burgers, then Sloppy Joe’s, but what else can I make with ground beef? I hit a wall. Those years of vegetarianism left me with endless ideas of how to cook tofu, but no ideas on what to cook with ground beef. I searched high and low, and here are the 15 best looking ground beef dishes I can make for Sunday Dinner. Now I will never have to question “what am I going to make with all this ground beef” again. Enjoy!

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