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“10 Tastiest Hot Sauces”

It’s no wonder that a husband to a magnificent “Modern Day Mom” would have to declare his own awesomeness every now and then, especially when his wife’s awesomeness is a given. Being a caveman when it comes to the Internet and an absolute Neanderthal when it comes to blogging there are only a few ways I can puff out my chest, beat on my wiry hairs and declare, “me man, look at my… um….man stuff”. Aside from occasionally coming home on crutches, covered head to toe in bruises from a long standing “extreme sports” obsession, walking in the door slathered in grease from DIY car repair, and a thumping headache from showing my wife how we used to “shoot tequila” in my early 20s, the least painful and probably most tolerable of these “declarations of man power” is my hot sauce obsession.

What could have easily stayed safely within jalapeño toppings and mild sauce packets from fast food restaurants, has turned into a full blown addiction for lip numbing, brain burning, crown sweating fire in the form of the tastiest, spiciest and hottest condiments in the world. Known to be found at any given time of day mixing and adding more spice to my already growing hot sauce collection, I’ve started a quest to not only find the hottest sauce; no that would be too simple, But to find a sauce that gives some kick: but not the kind of kick that gives your mother brow sweat, a real kick that delivers a punch of fire deep into your gut but follows with a left hook of delicious, zesty and robust chili flavors as well.

Here are my top ten hot sauces for modern day parents (and some references to some milder comparisons)



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